Free Safety Glasses : Must Be Worn At Dangerous Work Conditions

For anyone working in dangerous environments it is essential that safety glasses are worn to prevent from any potential injuries. Eye injuries are incredibly common, and the majority of them, in fact over 2,000 every day in the USA alone, occur in the work place. Fortunately ninety percent of eye injuries can be avoided by wearing protective safety glasses.

Free safety glasses should be made available to every employee who is working in a potentially hazardous situation. If you haven't already been provided with your free safety glasses you should speak with your employer to organize you a pair. You should never compromise the safety of your eyes.

When requesting your free safety glasses you should make it clear what safety glasses you want to receive. There are an overwhelming amount of options available to you, and no matter what your work environment there will be safety glasses available specifically to suit your needs.

Safety glasses are suitable for a range of different occupations, as well as for activities around the home and whilst playing sports. You can choose from a range of different lens and frame options depending on your needs and style preference.

Some of the different lens options you may get when choosing your free safety glasses include: tinted, polarized, different coatings, as well as different lens materials.


Safety Glasses


Many people choose to have tinted lenses in their free safety glasses, as different colors can have great benefits depending on the environment that you are working in. Amber tinted lenses are a popular choice for people who work in low-light situations as the amber color helps increase the contrast between colors making it easier to see. Gray tinted lenses are one of the most popular lens tint colors in free safety glasses as they are highly beneficial if you work outdoors or in bright light situations. The gray tint helps block out all harmful UV rays whilst not distorting color or depth perception. They also help minimize glare from bright lights and the sun that can cause irritation to the eyes.

There are also a number of lens coatings to choose from. Some of the most common include: anti-scratch, anti-fog, and UV protective coatings. Anti-scratch is particularly important for those that work with abrasive materials as these may scratch the lenses. An anti-scratch hard coating will ensure your free safety glasses have a longer lifespan. Anti-fog coatings are great for anyone working in humid or tight conditions as it helps keep your vision clear at all times.

Before choosing any free safety glasses ensure that they have been approved by the ANSI (American National Standard Institute). There are two main levels of protection in safety glasses: basic impact and high impact. You should check with your employer, or whoever you will be receiving your free safety glasses from, what level of protection you will require. If in doubt, always purchase the maximum protection available to ensure you are covered under all circumstances.


AO Sunglasses

* AO SUNGLASSES are NOT ANSI Z87.1-2003 safety glasses


Just because you receive your safety glasses for free does not mean you should compromise on comfort. If you will be wearing them for several hours at a time you should make sure that they are as comfortable as possible to wear. Most safety glasses have a range of different comfort options including adjustable temples and nose bridges, and extra padding. Safety glasses also come in different sizes, with small sizes available for women and children. So ensure that your free safety glasses are the right size and fit for you.

If you require the use of prescription lenses, you still have all of the same great options to choose from. Many people just choose to get safety glasses that fit over their current prescription glasses, however you can also have prescription lenses put into your safety glasses and this can sometimes be more comfortable.

Bifocal safety glasses are a great option for anyone that has generally good vision but just needs a bit of extra magnification when reading. They are much cheaper and more readily available than prescription safety lenses and come in a huge range of options.

I hope you have found this guide to free safety glasses useful. You should never have to compromise your eye safety particularly in a work environment, so speak to your employer and ensure that they organize a suitable pair of free safety glasses.


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